2 Yrs Warranty

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The combination of outstanding power, robust design, exceptional performance and proven reliability is the core force to offering the outstanding and dynamic Terex Trucks 2-Year Parts Warranty*. 

Exactly like our trucks, our Factory-Approved Parts are guaranteed to deliver incredible performance, strong durability and impressive levels of reliability no matter what the terrain or extreme the conditions.

And on-going advances in our Parts design and increased investment in our Aftermarket are why we are able to deliver not just outstanding Parts reliability but also an incredible 2-Year Parts warranty* that was simply unthinkable up to now.

With our dynamic and exciting Terex Trucks Factory-Approved 2-Year Parts Warranty* we are stretching boundaries, pushing limits and exceeding expectations. And we are proud of it.

Our 2-Year Parts Warranty* … creating a sense of security, protection and peace of mind and redefining what a Parts warranty should be.

* 2 Years or 6,000 hours whichever comes first.

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