Steering Pumps

The perfect fusion of uncompromising reliability, power and performance.

Terexta400 gen10 client 2 product

When the performance of your truck is a major dynamic in your business success, failure is not an option.

That`s why Terex Trucks Factory-Approved Parts are designed to deliver exceptional reliability and performance, less down time and lower cost per tonne even under the toughest operating conditions.

Why a Terex Trucks Factory-Approved Steering Pump?

Hydraulics, is one of the hardest working systems within a truck, that is why it's critical its pumps are able to deliver all the precision, extreme efficiency and consistent quality this system demands of them.

Uncompromising power and control rest at the heart of Terex Trucks Factory-Approved Steering Pumps. They are uniquely designed to handle the increasing pressures and temperatures of today’s hydraulic systems, in turn guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.

Our outstanding 2-Years Parts Warranty comes as standard on all Factory-Approved Parts. This dynamic and unique Parts warranty provides more cover, more protection and more reasons to trust Terex Trucks Factory-Approved parts.

With the combined advanced performance of our Steering Pumps and the exceptional protection of our outstanding 2-Year Parts Warranty, a top performing hydraulics system and optimum truck reliability are guaranteed

2 years warranty, 65 years of proven reliability

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