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The Ultimate in Braking Performance

At Terex Trucks we understand it`s critically important your truck stops as efficiently as it starts.

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Within the Terex Trucks brake system is a sequence of parts designed, engineered and manufactured with precision to support, interact and work in tandem with all other core components of the truck to crucially maintain and protect the overall safety, balance and braking performance of your truck, even in the most extreme operating conditions.

Only Terex Trucks Factory-Approved brake parts deliver an outstanding combination of precision, reliability and performance. This is because each part is precision-designed for your truck based upon it`s unique combination of weight, engine output power and top speed for optimum braking performance, shorter stopping distances and enhanced service life.


To deliver maximum safety and maintenance of the highest level of braking performance over their lifetime, Terex Trucks Factory-Approved brake parts have to comply with the highest stringent standards of quality and are subject to extensive testing in all operating conditions. Standards of quality and testing that define a Terex Trucks Factory-Approved brake part.

That is why we at Terex Trucks believe it is critical to the performance of your truck.


  • The brake system is the most important safety component in your truck. The safety of your truck and the ability to respond quickly and safely in a dangerous situation demands your brake system is in perfect working order.
  • Many brake parts are subject to exceptionally high wear because of the stresses to which they are exposed, therefore only quality brake components can ensure optimum truck safety through excellent braking performance and short braking distances.
  •  Off-Highway Truck brake parts must capable of withstanding enormous loads and significant forces on hard braking.


  • Guarantee consistent optimum braking performance and short braking distances
  • Designed to and protect interaction between all truck components
  • Deliver high levels of safety with excellent truck control and stability on all operating conditions.
  • Designed to withstand even the most punishing work cycles
  • Designed for protection against environmental damage
  • Excellent brake component protection on all applications
  • Less prone to heat fade in turn enhancing service life and braking performance.  
  • Low-wear, Long Life - Extending time between service interventions
  • The same characteristics and quality of parts fitted on the original truck
  • Ensure the highest possible level of safety through excellent performance and reliability.
  • Deliver instant braking response.
  • Deliver the most effective and efficient speed control.
  • Optimise fuel consumption rates.
  • Deliver increased levels of safety
  • Protect truck performance dynamics and responsiveness
  • Deliver longer service intervals and lower brake maintenance interventions
  • Approved and conform to OEM standards of performance and quality
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