Factory-Approved Terex Trucks Parts


With a coveted reputation for reliability and durability Terex Trucks are designed and built to deliver continual high performance, even in the most challenging operating conditions.  

This is why it is recommended every Terex Truck is equipped with Factory Approved Terex Trucks Parts as they alone are designed and engineered precisely to maintain both the high performance and reliability of your Terex Trucks machine.

  • Cost-effective: Factory Approved Terex Trucks Parts ensure enhanced productivity, longer working life, lower operating costs and reduced down time.
  • Extensive distribution network: There are over 120 Terex Trucks distributors operating all over the world, providing Factory Approved Terex Trucks Parts and technical support at a local level.
  • Parts warranty: Factory Approved Terex Trucks Parts are protected by one of the most comprehensive warranty covers in the industry, providing protection that allows you to operate with confidence.
  • Winter Maintenance Essentials

    Terex Trucks Winter Maintenance Essentials Don’t let the cold weather dampen performance

  • 2 Yrs Warranty

    The combination of outstanding power, robust design, exceptional performance and proven reliability.

  • Bearings

    Genuine Factory-Approved Terex Trucks bearings are precision engineered to deliver optimal performance.

  • Brake Parts

    Only Terex Trucks Factory-Approved brake parts deliver outstanding precision, reliability and performance.

  • Couplings

    Terex Trucks Factory-Approved Couplings are precisely designed to deliver superior reliability

  • Filters & Kits

    Choose Factory-Approved filter kits and enhance performance, reliability, working life and uptime.

  • Hand Tools

    There is nothing a good technician needs more than good tools.

  • Interleaf Mounts

    Factory-Approved Interleaf Mount - When high performance is your goal.

  • Seals & Kits

    Terex Trucks Factory-Approved seals are designed to reduce damage risk, lower downtime and protect your truck.

  • Steering Pumps

    The perfect fusion of uncompromising reliability, power and performance.

  • Exterior Mirrors

    Meticulous design and uncompromising quality.