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Factory-Approved filter kits for enhanced performance and reliability

Our advance design Factory-Approved filters will protect both a truck`s performance and reliability.

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Why Terex Trucks Factory-Approved Filters? 

• Enhanced engine, transmission and hydraulic systems defence.
• Provide a safer, cleaner, more comfortable cab environment
• Up to 4 times the life of some alternative filters.
• Reduces wear and extends life of major truck components.
• High efficiency dirt hold capacity for improved performance.
• Uniquely designed to provide remarkable filtration efficiency
• Optimum contaminant removal

This translates into:

• Enhanced performance
• Maximum reliability
• Longer working life
• Lower operating costs
• More Uptime

Each Terex Trucks Factory-Approved filter kit is compiled to provide precisely the recommended filters for each service interval, within one part number.

The Advantages of Factory-Approved Filters:

• Maximum convenience - one part number for one service interval.  
• Cost Effective – the correct parts in the correct quantities by Terex Trucks model number and service interval. Save both time and money.  
• Efficiency - provides all the parts required for the complete machine service, promoting maximum machine uptime.

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