Terex Trucks’ heritage can be traced back to 1934 when the world’s first off-road dump truck was created. This pioneering new machine offered a straightforward, no-nonsense solution for every hauling application, from mining to construction work.

Today, Terex Trucks is still committed to producing outstanding, benchmark articulated dump trucks. Built on the same sturdy foundations, Terex Trucks continues to offer a robust, reliable performance based on this strong heritage.


The Euclid Crane and Hoist Company was founded in USA.

1924 web listing


The first scraper is developed.


The Euclid Road Machinery company is founded in Ohio.

1z truck 1934 web listing


The Model 1Z truck is built by Euclid - considered to be the first true off-highway rear dump truck.

1950 1st trucks web listing


Euclid Great Britain was formed at Motherwell, Scotland, as a subsidiary and began the development and manufacture of off-highway trucks.


Euclid Road Machinery Company bought by General Motors.

1954 1000th truck web listing


The 1000th truck is built in Scotland.


4000th scraper rolls off the line.

1968 terex 33 22 web listing


General Motors divested the Euclid brand and the remaining earth moving division is renamed Terex - from the Latin "Terra" (Earth) & "Rex" (King) and 33 Series trucks were introduced.

1974 web listing


Terex develops new products including the Terex Titan and the world beating R17.

1982 3204 adt web listing


Launch of first ever Terex articulated dump truck - the 3204. Designed, tested and manufactured in Motherwell, Scotland.


Terex becomes independent from General Motors.


Terex bought by North West Engineering from General Motors and Terex Corporation is formed.

1998 tr45 web listing


TA and TR ranges launched with introduction of the new white Terex.

2002 gen7 web listing


Introduction of the Generation 7 articulated trucks.

2005 platinum truck web listing


January - 1000th Generation 7 Platinum truck rolls off the line.


Launch of the upgraded Generation 7 range of articulated trucks, changing the nomenclature of TA25 to TA250, TA30 to TA300 and TA40 to TA400.

2011 gen 9 ta400 web listing


Now fitted with world class Scania engines, the 9th generation of articulated dump truck is launched around the world.

Volvo png blue mini listing


The Volvo Group acquire the off-highway truck product line from Terex Corporation and Terex Trucks, a division of Volvo Construction Equipment, is formed.


Terex Trucks launched its Generation 10 articulated trucks in two sizes TA300 and TA400. This included new advancements such as telematics.  First product to be developed under Volvo ownership


The team in Motherwell launched the first Volvo branded R100E rigid hauler and continue to design and produce Volvo branded rigid haulers in other class sizes.  The white Terex Trucks rigid haulers stopped production in early 2019. 


2 models of Terex Trucks articulated haulers are manufactured in Scotland. We are proud of our strong heritage, technical expertise and modern process which continue to provide customers in the heavy construction, quarry and mining industries with the high quality, reliable and productive equipment they require.