The 7 ‘Rs’ to sustainability

Earth Hour 2020

At Volvo Motherwell, we will be showing our support for our planet by uniting with Earth Hour and symbolically switching off the lights on March 28th between 8.30-9.30pm. To help remind you of how you can make a difference and champion the environment, we’ve come up with the 7 ‘Rs’ to sustainability…

1. Rethink

We are the first generation to know about climate change, and the last that can do anything about it. This means we must change some of our daily habits, for example unplugging chargers at the wall, turning your computer off completely and trying to print less. The people who make the biggest difference to sustainability are the ones who do the little things consistently. Let’s be those people and try and incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives.

2. Repair

If there ever was a problem with one of our TA300s or TA400s, our customers wouldn’t dream of throwing them away! They’d work with their dealer and, using our Factory-Approved Parts, they’d get the truck back up and running. Next time you go to throw something away, see if you can get it repaired first instead.

3. Reuse

This is an easy one! Stop buying take away cups, bottles and bags, instead invest in reusable coffee cups, water bottles and shopping bags. This will help you save money and save the planet. Think how much waste we would save if everyone at Volvo Motherwell committed to this.

4. Reduce

This could refer to many things in our lives, but let’s focus on reducing travel by car. Try to walk or cycle to work or the shops if possible. If you live too far away, sharing lifts with a colleague, partner or neighbour could be a great alternative.  

5. Recycle

This one is pretty obvious and nothing new, but remember to recycle as much as possible. It really makes a difference.

6. Recover and Regift

Instead of buying everything new, try charity shops, auctions and thrift markets, not only will you be helping the planet, you will also end up with original and special pieces rather than having the same as everyone else. Similarly, if something is still useable, donate it to a charity shop – you will be supporting both the Earth and the people that live in it!

7. Refuse

We challenge you to go one day a week without eating meat! Most people in western countries eat more meat than is nutritionally required. This means we are massively over farming and fishing. For example, overfishing is threatening the entire ecosystem of oceans, as we’re currently fishing species to a critical level.