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We are delighted to announce that we are looking to recruit more apprentices. Here’s what our current electrical engineering apprentice, Lauren Wright, 22, thinks of her role...

Lauren has been part of several projects for the haulers on our site.

She explains: “I can draw up a design and then later I’ll get to see it as a finished project on the truck – it’s rewarding”.

At school, Lauren enjoyed maths and technical subjects. Although she was in a gender minority in her technical classes and still is here at our site, she says that things feel different at work.

She states: “In here you feel equal. It’s more about your contribution and mindset than your gender.”

When asked what she thinks girls should do if they are concerned about starting an apprenticeship in a male-dominated industry, she answers: “Gender isn’t an issue. Even though you’re in a male industry, you quickly become a valued member of the team and have access to the same opportunities and responsibilities as everyone else.”

As for age, Lauren also says that doesn’t matter. “I started when I was 20. A lot are 16 or 17 but there are also adult apprentices here too.”

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