New Apprentice Mark Rankin

In order to get to know our new apprentices, we caught up with each of them to ask some questions.

Next is Mark Rankin, a manufacturing engineer apprentice from Motherwell. Mark achieved seven National 5 qualifications and six Highers at school and was also a deputy house captain. He worked in Homebase as a part-time customer assistant and also has work experience in painting and cutting grass. Mark is a keen sportsman and has played football since he was five years old. He is currently captain of his local football team.

How did you learn about the Terex Trucks apprenticeship programme?

I found out about the programme on the Terex Trucks website and also through the EKGTA.

Why did you apply to the Terex Trucks apprenticeship scheme?

It seems like a great opportunity to work in a company that invests a lot in their apprentices.

What do you hope to achieve throughout the programme?

I hope to gain workplace knowledge whilst becoming a fully qualified manufacturing engineer.

How did it feel to be successful in securing a place on the programme?

I was delighted to be accepted for the programme, and I now look forward to my future with the company.

What aspects of the programme are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to going into the factory and learning in the workplace.

What career path do you hope to follow when you have completed the apprenticeship?

I would like to progress within the company whilst gaining the best qualifications possible.

Did you know anything about the company before you started?

I knew it was a massive company which has continued to grow rapidly over the years. This was demonstrated by recent success leading to the Volvo acquisition.