New Apprentice Marc Walsh

In order to get to know our new apprentices, we caught up with each of them to ask some questions.

Next is Marc Walsh, a technical publications apprentice from New Stevenson in Motherwell. Marc achieved six National 6 qualifications and three Highers whilst at school and acted as an ambassador helping to lead a school geography trip to Rome for younger pupils. He has worked as a roofer and also as a customer assistant in KFC. He is interested in football and playing snooker.

How did you learn about the Terex Trucks apprenticeship programme?

I know some people who already work at the company and they told me about the programme.

Why did you apply to the Terex Trucks apprenticeship scheme?

I see it as a good opportunity to start my career.

What do you hope to achieve throughout the programme?

I hope to work hard and achieve the best results I can.

How did it feel to be successful in securing a place on the programme?

It felt great to be one of the lucky ones to secure a place.

What aspects of the programme are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to beginning the practical, hands on elements.

What career path do you hope to follow when you have completed the apprenticeship?

I hope to become a technical author.

Did you know anything about the company before you started?

I knew it was a global organisation with a great reputation.