New Apprentice Reece Alexander

First up is Reece Alexander, an apprentice maintenance fitter, from East Kilbride. Reece achieved a HNC in Electrical Engineering in 2018 and his past jobs have included being a warehouse assistant for DHL and a catering assistant for the MacDonald Crutherland Hotel.  He plays football for EK Dynamo.

How did you learn about the Terex Trucks apprenticeship programme?

Through the East Kilbride Group Training Association (EKGTA).

Why did you apply to the Terex Trucks apprenticeship scheme?

I felt it would provide a great, life-long career for me.

What do you hope to achieve throughout the programme?

I hope to successfully complete my apprenticeship and have a good career afterwards.

How did it feel to be successful in securing a place on the programme?

I was extremely pleased to get a place on the programme.

What aspects of the programme are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to working in the workshop in the factory.

What career path do you hope to follow when you have completed the apprenticeship?

 I am hoping to become a qualified maintenance fitter.

Did you know anything about the company before you started?

I know it is a global company and provides many great opportunities.