Leadway Heavy Machinery purchases nine TR100 rigid haulers

Having received excellent feedback from customers about the good performance of Terex Trucks’ articulated haulers, LHM has placed an order of no less than nine Terex Trucks TR100 rigid haulers. The contract was finalised and signed during the truck manufacturer’s first appearance at international trade show, Intermat Paris 2015.

LHM was appointed as Terex Trucks’ official dealer in Myanmar in 2013, and has since delivered 26 TA400 articulated dump trucks into Jade mine operations in the region. Its latest purchase of nine TR100 rigid dump trucks is a good sign of the pick-up in the market, having opened up to investment and development in recent years.

“We have developed a good relationship with Terex Trucks over the last two years and we’re looking forward to a rise in sales and further opportunities to drive our business forward following the company’s acquisition by Volvo Construction Equipment,” said Jimmy-Chakart Seanchan, CEO of LHM. “We’re already seeing benefits from Volvo CE’s solid structure, support and understanding, not to mention its comprehensive financial solutions, which are invaluable for our customer base.”

The Terex Trucks TR100 rigid hauler is built on 60 years of hauling experience, delivering a robust performance in the steepest, deepest mines around the world. Its minimum maintenance needs and tough design make Terex Trucks’ TR100 ideal for working in the most demanding job sites in the ever-changing, tropical monsoon climate of Myanmar.

“We have ordered nine TR100 rigid dump trucks to meet demand for Jade mining in northern Myanmar,” continued Seanchan. “There is also an increase in projects in railway construction and mining high-quality, high-value deposits including gems, oil and natural gas. The TR100 has a good configuration which is well suited for our market. Terex Trucks products offer good fuel saving, and have an overall low cost of ownership, which is key for our customers.”

Established in 1996, Leadway Heavy Machinery is the official Terex Trucks dealership for Thailand and Myanmar. In addition, LHM has an affiliated company, Yangon-based Aung Hein Min (AHM), which provides sales, marketing and service solutions for Terex Trucks customers.

“AHM offers a comprehensive support package for our customers in Myanmar, from delivery, and through the product lifecycle,” said Sam Wyant, global sales and marketing director for Terex Trucks. “The company has invested heavily to support our customers and has already been successful in selling Terex Trucks articulated haulers over the last two years. We’re looking forward to continuing a successful partnership with both LHM and AHM in this key market.”